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Where Am I?

Just to let the six people know who actually read this blog last year what’s up…

My family and I were sent home last October by the government of the island we were living on due to immigration laws on their island.  We had about 30 days notice to pack up our lives, end ministry and clear the island.  We arrived home with no work or ministry in sight just in time for one of the worst winters the locals can remember.

While I plan on getting back to this blog as quick as I can, finding long-term work, feeding my family and keeping them living indoors comes first.  Someday, maybe I’ll write about the things we’ve experienced in the past 6 months.  They have been both a testimony to God’s faithfulness and yet a testimony to the strength He gives to His children in adversity as well.

In the meantime, has anyone read Ratzinger’s The Spirit of the Liturgy or Dom Dix’ The Shape of the Liturgy?  If so, what was your reaction to them?

I’ve been reading both off and on with any free time I’ve had on deep, cold nights this past winter.  I’m interested in sorting through the places where I agree with both and might disagree.


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